Studying the Effect of Some Inorganic Phosphors Salts on Fire Retardant and Mechanical Properties of Unsaturated polyester Composite


In this work, the effect of four types of inorganic phosphors salts onflammability and mechanical properties (Flexural and Tensile) strength, of unsaturated polyester reinforced with glass fibers has been studied ; also , the influence of two types form of glass fibers (chopped strand mat and woven roving ), on flammability and mechanical properties of the composite, were studied . Sheets of composites with different weight percentage of additives and reinforced with two layers of each type of glass fibers, were prepared. Four standard test methods used to measure the flame retardation and mechanical properties, which are: ASTM: D – 2863, ASTM: D – 635, ASTM: D – 790 and ASTM: D – 638.Results obtained from these tests indicated that, additive IV has highefficiency as a flame retardant, self – extinguishing (S.E.) was occur at the percentage 1.5 % and non – burning ( N.B. ) was occur at the percentage 2.5 % for resin reinforced with glass fiber type woven roving and showed high effect to reduce the values of the mechanical behaviors, but additive I have low effect on retard composition and showed low effect on the values of mechanical properties