Sublimity In Architecturea Study of The Emergence of The Sublime In Architectural Form Through Structure Manipulation


Within the discipline of architecture, theory is a parallel discourse which describes the practice and production of architecture and identifies challenges to it especially in its structural composition .One of the most important theoretical contemporary terms is sublimity .where the term of aesthetic theory had changed , and sublimity was one of the key concept in nineteenth century and romantic aesthetic .Following its root in phenomenological and psychological approaches inwhich rhetorical effects of the sublime are described in details , which reflect sense glorious , luxuriousness and beauty .Terminological meaning of sublimity not only refer to this name butextended to express highness , dread and grandeur . the postmodern notion of sublimity present itself today in several guises including the uncanny , grotesque and the indeterminate . Analysis of previous studies addressing sublimity in architecture has shownlack of an adequate knowledge concerning the application of sublimity concept in architectural composition . In particular , emphasis was placed upon the nature of sublimity that achieved through different structures , and that what the research problem concentrates on " There was no previous perception about the aesthetic sublime that is accomplished through the structure manipulation in architecturalform " . To achieve this it is necessary to : First phase , formulate conceptual framework composed of two parts ; first , discuss theorists ideas that laid the groundwork for today's emerging aesthetic of contemporary sublimity , and the second , isolate and structure the main and the secondary indicators of sublimity , Second phase , to examine the nature of this indicators on elected architecturalcomposition that possess a unique structure and finally to determine the final conclusion of the research .