Influence of Deposition Condition on the Properties of Chemically Deposited Cu2O Film


Cuprous oxide films have been deposited by chemical bath method fromalkaline solution at pH=8.6.The deposited oxides were investigated using X-raydiffraction, surface morphology, optical and electrical measurements. It is shownthat during deposition two different stages could be distinguished. the band gap ofthe deposited film tuned from 2eV to 2.5 eV by decreasing deposition time. X-raydiffraction (XRD) measurements showed formation of CuO and Cu2O phases, thestructure shows a thickness dependent. The grain size of as deposited andannealed films at different temperatures were calculated from SEM data, Theresults showed that the grain size of films increased with increasing depositiontime and annealing temperature. The resistivity of the films had significantlydecreased with increased deposition time, also films activation energy decreasedwith increasing thickness