Removal of Phenol From Aqueous Solution By Agriculture Waste


Using agriculture waste products waste Tea (WT) and activated carbonwaste Tea (WT-GAC) as biosorbent for phenol from aqueous solution wasstudied. Adsorption in this way more economical in comparison with otherconventional methods which are usually costly. Batch kinetics and isothermstudies were carried out under varying experimental conditions of contact time,phenol concentration, adsorbent dose and PH value. It was observed that theadsorption process is instantaneous and attained equilibrium within 10 minutes foractivated carbon waste Tea and 30 minutes for waste Tea at phenol concentration(100-600) mg/L. the adsorption of phenol increase with increasing the solution pHvalue till pH 7 then it decrease with increasing pH value. The Freundlich andLangmuir models were used for the mathematical description of adsorptionequilibrium and it was found that data fitted very well to the Freundlich models.