Development of A Fuel Card Application Using Basic Smart Card


This work is devoted for smart card technology and focusing on softwareand security. The main differences between smart card software and PersonalComputer software have been reviewed. The BasicCard is adopted to designa Fuel Card Application; Fuel Card Application deals with the two parts ofsmart card software namely, card side and host side. In the present techniqueprograms for Issuing Company, Card User and Fuel Card have beendeveloped. The threats those may attack a Fuel Card application wereanalyzed then solutions have been proposed to fulfill the securityrequirements; this is done by designing Fuel Card Application with securitywhich has different cryptographic algorithms that use different keys in asingle Fuel Card. Under ZeitControl BasicCard @Development Kit, two FuelCard Application models, with security and without security, were developedand simulated using Professional BasicCard, memory and time of executionfor the two models have been compared. It is concluded that applyingsecurity increases memory in not more than 25%, while the increase in theexecution time is about 60% but this increment is insignificant relative to theinputting time