The Effect of Planning Limitations on Minimizing the Holding Capacity of Cities Extension (Case Study: Sulaimaniyah City)


Big cities suffered from overcrowding problems which push them to growhorizontally and vertically. The extended cities will face the use of new landproblem around them, which not vacant from the physical limitations thatconstraint that extension and make it difficult which minimize the holdingcapacity for that costly extension. These limitations was the topic of this researchespecially the artificial ones which surrounded the Sulaimaniyah city especially inthe study area which regard as a main direction for its extension and caused aseries of planning problems and minimizing the holding capacity is one of them.The research showed that the effect of artificial limitations was exceeded thannatural limitations in spite of that the area is known with the second is more thanthe first one. And showed that the maximizing of the passive effect of artificiallimitations was caused by littleness of directorates, experiment in the planning andinvestment.