Theoretical and Experimental Study of Using Solar Energy to produce Hydrogen (Baghdad-Iraq)


A theoretical and experimental study was done about using solar energy toproduce Hydrogen; Hydrogen is one of the main options to use as unpolluted fuelfor environment and alternative energy instead of traditional fuels.Theoretical study included mathematical model for Hydrogen-solar system topredict, solar radiation, solar cells electrical power generation and the amount ofHydrogen gas decomposed in an electrolyser at specific condition.Experimental study included manufacturing and testing of Hydrogen-solar systemmodel, using electrolysis water solution method.The system consists of a solar cell module and electrolyser which was testedduring day's hours of many random days, the analysis study of the experimentalresults showed good agreement with the theoretical predictions of solar radiation,the amount of generated Hydrogen and small deviation in the solar cell's electricalpower because we canceled the electrical resistance of the system.The study showed the ability of using solar energy to produce Hydrogen and todeduce the best conditions to increase the production and the efficiency of thesystem.