Theempact of information on the architect design


The accelerated evolution of informatics is considered the core aspect ofinformation age. , which had focused on the production of materials, theage of informatics revolution came, which concentrated on production ofideas rather than materials, and those countries that have more informationare the most control over the events in the world. The last twenty yearswitnessed phenomenal development in the information and communicationsector which we never had before and this development has changed thefeatures of the new world, therefore functions replaced others and newtechniques came up which have changed the activities of society andaffected concepts and postulates, As other activities of life, architecture waslargely influenced by the informatics evolution causing a change in theconcept of architecture and architectural design in terms ofthinking,analysis and performance and production methods. The researchalso explains the concept of informatics, technology and globalization ,brings up a definition for the architectural design, shows the importance ofinformatics on thedesigning process and then impact of informatics in the architectural formation, reaching to a new formulation for the designingprocess in the information age and extract indexes for informatics like theartificial intelligence, communication development, information buildingand globalization. And then to examine these indexes' impact on thedesigning process via creating a questionnaire, reaching to a conclude thatthe elements and informatics technologies raise the designing process'sproficiency, Finally, the research recommends it is necessary that students,academicians, vocational people and those who work in the architecturalengineering domain to recognize the elements and informatics technologiesin the designing process in order to go along with the age development