Detect And Locate Buried Pipes Using Ground Penetration Radar


Data collection using traditional methods for detecting and mappingsubsurface features can be need more time consuming and costly. Beside that thegeological research project and Job cost estimating require accurate informationabout subsurface condition. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) can map and detectbedrock, buried objects (pipes, cables, etc), water table, soil profile, faults, voidsand sinkholes quickly, easily, accurately, and cost effectively. The accuratelocation of buried utilities is imperative for contractors. Hitting a high voltagepower line or water main con be dangerous, disruptive to citizens, as well asexpensive.The main objective of this research is to introduce utility of using GPR inlocate features such as buried tanks and pipes, locating underground pipes forefficient pipes system management and for avoiding damage during excavationhave become a relevant issue in metropolitan areas.Gathering data inside the boundary of the University of Technology withthe area approximately equal to (4320 m2), data processing using RADEXPLORAR software with the helping of Geographic Information System (GIS)and Global Positioning System (GPS) to produce a GIS map have been carriedout. The discussion of the result is included with the basic recommendation.