Detection of Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus by Conventional RT-PCR: A comparative Study


Fifty serum and buffy coat samples were collected from bovine from illegal abattoirs around Baghdad. RNA extraction was performed on buffy coat samples. These samples were subjected to conventional RT-PCR for the detection of BVDV. The result showed that the BVDV was detected by RT-PCR in three samples only. A comparison study was also conducted on the sensitivity of RNA extracted and non-extracted buffy coat and serum samples in conventional RT-PCR. The result showed that RNA extraction is the method of choice when conventional RT-PCR was performed on blood samples from BVDV infected animals. In a final conclusion, BVDV was detected by RT-PCR in local bovine. The findings suggested and proposed epidemiological studies on BVDV in Iraq in conjunction with isolation of the virus and identification of its genotype and biotype