The Effect of Adding Nickel Element on Mechanical and Wear Properties of SiCp-Cu Composites


Reinforced composites are prepared from a Copper as a matrix with SiCpowder in different percentage ( i.e 5-25 vol.%) .For each prepared reinforcedcomposite with respect to SiC addition , they divided into two parts , one undergo toaddition of Ni in fixed percentage (2 wt%) and the other part leave without addition.After drying , mixing and milling process, disc samples were prepared . thesesamples were heat treated at (900°C) using furnace at argon atmosphere. Density,porosity, Vicker microhardness , compressive strength were performed. Dry slidingwear tests of Cu–SiCp composites were carried out using pin on disc apparatus with atypical experimental plan of simultaneous variation of loads (5,10)N . The resultsshow that the density was decreased while porosity increased with SiC content , andthis was less remarkable with nickel presence. Vicker microhardness, compressstrength were improved by the nickel wettability on the reinforcement. Moreoverdecreasing in wear rate comparing with the absence one. The nickel presence modifiesthe interface structural model and is effective in passing load between the matrix andthe reinforcement, by lessening the extent of interfacial debonding.