Preparation and Characterization of MOS Device using MgO Film as A Dielectric Material


In the present work, fabrication and characterization of Al/MgO/Si MOSdevice has been carried out using PLD as a deposition technique, and forcomparison Al/SiO2/Si MOS device has been also constructed. The obtainedresult show that , The Electrical and photovoltaic characteristics of MOS device are strongly dependent on the oxide type and thickness, beside that, the C-V measurement reveled that prepared device are of abrupt type. The Spectral Responsivity measurement of (Al/MgO/Si) MOS device is found to be 0.27A/W while of (Al/SiO2/Si) MOS device is 0.20A/W and the Rise and Response time measurement of (Al/MgO/Si) MOS device was shorter than of (Al/SiO2/Si) MOS device.