Air Pollutants and Performance Characteristics of Ethanol-Diesel Blends in CI Engines


Owing to the energy crisis and pollution problems of today,investigations have concentrated on decreasing fuel consumption and onlowering the concentration of toxic components in combustion products byusing non-petroleum, renewable, sustainable and non-polluting fuels. While conventional energy sources such as natural gas, oil and coal are nonrenewable, alcohol can be coupled to renewable and sustainable energysources. In this study, the combustion characteristics and emissions of diesel fuel and ethanol blends were compared. The tests were performed at steady state conditions in a four-cylinder DI diesel engine at full load at 1500-rpm engine speed. The experimental results showed that diesel ethanol blends provided significant reductions in CO, unburned HC, and NOx. Ethanol blends had a 13.8% increase in brake-specific fuel consumption due to its lower heating value. The results indicated that ethanol may be blended with diesel fuel to be used without any modification on the engine