Study The Effect of Blowing Material Which Extracted From Okra Waste in Some Properties of Natural Rubber


The aim of this research to use extracted natural material from waste product of Okra as blowing material by simple method for production sponge rubber with good damping properties. The sample of rubber was prepared with adding different percent from extracted material of waste product of Okra (0-25)% to study the effect of this material on properties of natural rubber. When we added blowing material that extracted from plant of Okra ,we get productions of cellsinside the sample due to release gases and get sponge rubber causes decreasehardness (from 37.5 to lower than 30) IRHD, resilience ( from 77.64 to 41.53)% and damping time (from 57.79 to 18.55) sec. Also developed from damping properties of rubber at low temperatures (0,-8) °C by good percent in compare with pure sample, . This mean is extracted material of waste product of Okra is suitable to use as blowing material to get sponge rubber and this work exists with a good replacement for synthetics blowing materials avoiding their toxicity and their highly cost.