Silica/ Charcoal Addition to the Composite Polyvinyl Fluoride Membranes forWater /Organic Vapor Separation


In the present work, Supported polyvinyl fluoride (PVF)/S/Ch membranewere prepared by wet/dry inversion method where PVF powder was dissolved in arequired suitable solvent at dissolving percent 30% vol PVF/DMF at 50 °C for 15min and 500 cycle /min stirring velocity then different mixing weight ratio oforganic and inorganic ceramic material (nano charcoal and SiO2 ) are added(0.5,0.75, 1.0,1.25, and1.5)w/w to this solution with continuous stirring until reachhomogeneity then a suitable membrane were molded in thickness (1 mm) andthinner then curing this membranes at 170°C for 24 hrs afterward chemical andphysical properties are measured.The results of (apparent density, porosity, and chemical absorption undermoisture and acidic solution) proved that good chemical and physical propertieswere shown for samples supported by organic fillers (charcoal) than inorganic oneof silica, and best samples have high chemical absorption and high permeability ofmembranes is PVF m/Ch A5 and PVF m/SiO2 A3 for both organic and inorganicone.