Design and Implementation of A Fpga Based Software Defined Radio Using Simulink HDL Coder


This paper presents the design procedure and implementation results of aproposed software defined radio (SDR) using Altera Cyclone II family board. Theimplementation uses Matlab/SimulinkTM, Embedded MatlabTM blocks, and Cyclone IIdevelopment and educational board. The design is first implemented inMatlab/SimulinkTM environment. It is then converted to VHDL level using SimulinkHDL coder. The design is synthesized and fitted with Quartus II 9.0 Web Edition®software, and downloaded to Altera Cyclone II board. The results show that it is easyto develop and understand the implementation of SDR using programmable logictools. The paper also presents an efficient design flow of the procedure followed toobtain VHDL netlists that can be downloaded to FPGA boards