Damping of Power System Oscillations by Using Coordinated Control of PSS and STATCOM Devices


The main objective of this paper is to investigate the power system stability enhancement via coordinated control of PSS and static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) based controllers. Also, investigate the effectiveness and dynamic interaction of STATCOM controllers in damping system oscillation. Proposed optimal pole shifting technique to design damping controller of excitation system (PSS) and STATCOM basedcontroller. The method is based on modern control theory for multi-input and multi-output system. Several control schemes are proposed. The effectiveness of the proposed control schemes in improving the power system is verified through eigenvalues and time domain simulations under nominal loading conditions. The analysis of cases under study show that, the STATCOM – based controller has good effect on improving system damping and the coordinated control of PSS and STATCOM – based controller provide the best means forstabilizing power system, more damping with less control effort than individual control