Study the Effect of Welding on Tensile and Hardness Properties for Carbon- Steel by Using Arc Welding &Tig Welding


Welding is one of important industrial processes, Therefore many techniques are development to get an efficient and low cost welding for different kind of materials. This research is compared between two technique procedures of welding , (Arc welding ) & (Tig welding )for a specimen from low carbon steel, The mechanical tests like tensile and hardness are measured and taking a microstructure pictures ,We found that for the max strength in (Arc welding) is greater than unwelded specimen by (22.5%) , and for (Tig welding) it is smallerby (7.5%),The high value of hardness in (Arc welding) is (200 HV) and high value in (Tig welding) is (255 HV) .