Study of the Factors Affecting the Properties of the Tin Powder Produced by the Method of Centrifugal Atomization


The research includes a study for the variables of the process of centrifugalatomization for the purpose of producing pure tin metal powder and the effect ofthese variables in the properties of the resulting powder. These variables are:1. The speed of rotation in the rotating part.2. The medium of cooling.3. The temperature of medium of cooling.The affect of these above variables were observed on the size and the shape ofparticles resulting and the particle distribution, the apparent density, tap density andthe angle of repose.Upon the use of three different speeds (2000, 6000, 10000) (rpm) on the each at atime for the rotating of the hollow bowl and the use of water at the room temperature.It was noticed that when increasing of revolution speed, there is no change in theshapes of particles i.e. the wide extent of shapes remain irregular, acicular andsemispherical, and that the weight percentage of the small particles increases. Also,the value of the apparent density and the tap density increases while the angle ofrepose decreases.It was also observed that at the use of air and water separately at the roomtemperature as cooling media and disintegration the fused droplets of tin metal out ofthe hollow bowl at rotation speed of (10000) rpm. Moreover, we can notice that theweight percentage of the small particles increases as well as the value of the apparentdensity and tap density, while the value of the repose angle decreases , and theabsence of any change in the shape of the particles when using water as a medium ofcooling , compare with air . A great range of irregular, acicular and semisphericalshapes are also obtained.Water of different temperatures({40-50}, {60-70}, {80-90})◦ C were was used as a cooling medium and for thedisintegrating of the droplets of the tin metal from the hollow bowl at rotation speedof (10000) rpm, and the formation of powder of different sizes and shapes. Also, thetendency of the particles towards regularity of shape and the spherical shape clearlywith the decrease of the weight percentage of the small particles , and the value ofapparent density and the tap density increase and the value of the angle of reposedecreases at the increase of the temperature of water cooling medium.