Enameling And Study Corrosion Behavior To Low Carbon Steel


This study includes enameling and study corrosion behavior of low carbon steel(carbon continent =0.11%) in different types of corrosive media like the H2SO4, HCLand NaOH both acidic solution (H2SO4, HCL) has PH= 2 with resistance acid solutionenameling and alkaline solution (NaOH) have PH= 12 with resistance alkalinesolution enameling. enameling process includes preparing and applying of frit byground coat method.The corrosion rate calculated using weight loss method at temperature range (30, 40,60, 90)oC for acidic and (30, 40, 50, 60) oC for alkaline solution. The results indicatethat corrosion rate increase with time and temperature for both H2SO4 and HCLsolution, while corrosion rate for NaOH solution decreases with time due to theformation of unsolvable compounds on sample surface. These compounds may causedinsulation laminar reduced corrosion rate, while corrosion rate increases withtemperature because distortion of this layer.