Evaluation of Corrosion Resistance of Medium Carbon Steel Using Different Protection Methods


This research involves studying the effect of some different protection methods to increase electrochemical corrosion resistance of medium carbon steel (DIN CK50) in 3.5% NaCl by applying coating with Cr and Sn, with addition of inhibitors (No3¯, PO4 , MnO4=and SO4=) and application of cathodic protection by sacrificial anode using Zn anode.Evaluation of corrosion resistance after different protection methods were measuring performed by static potential test and measurement of corrosion parameters (potentional and current density) by Tafel extrapolation method. The surface of protection specimens was examined by using optical microscopes. The corrosion rate results show that using coating and inhibition methods give good results in increasing the corrosion resistance compared with the cathodic protection which gives an objective result depending on sacrificed pole.