Meaning Particles inHudhaleyeens Diwan


Abstract The meaning Particles have a great value in the Arabic. Without them the meanings the speaker intends would be lost. They contend for precedence among each other to express the intended meaning. They are many in Arabic and can be classified in the shape of semantic groups such as the interrogative particles the negative particles and the conditional particles. Through counting and classifying those particles according to their meanings, tried to know to what extent the rule applies to the use of hudhayl poets. It is clear that there are particles that were greatly used by them, besides many others that are different from what is know in the grammatical media. the grammatical rule founding the books of grammar is not clear – cut , it may traverse that. what is came in the standard Arabic is Arabic , and hudhayl is an Arabic tribe from which the standard Arabic is taken, in addition to Tameem Assad, Taye,, Qays, and kinana