Time In The Holy Qur'an


AbstractWhich deals with ''time in the holy quran '' which is considered from the most important topics. i don’t aim in to expansion it and deal with all things that are connected with. The reason behind writing in this subject is that there is no mention for the word'' time'' in the holy quran only some hints to the concept of time. the existence of the enough sources about time also makes me choose this topic. The method of writing this research is as follows: i present d in the first chapter: time in the holy quran and dealt withFirst: rhetor ical manner specialized with time second: the count of the amount of time.Third: the amount of time which wase in brief and in det ail. Phenomen on of time and its elements in the holy quran and dealt with first: the concofept of the blessed time in the holy quran.Second: the concept of the relative time quran .Third: the concept of the psycholgical time in the holy quran.Finally the consequences rsulted from this: explain the importance of what we elucidate from the knowledge of time in the holy quran through out dealing with the holy quran rhetorically the miracle of the topic of time with idoms that are concerned with man ner, musical rhythm and artistic thinking. the holy quran combines between the accurate scientific manner and delicate literary manner