antonym Semantic the poetry of Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Alwaily


AbstractExploring what it said about the inconsistency between the terms that consisted of his verses, and the resulting contradictions of this indication, according to types that remind in the research plan. Upon completion of the output subject matter of the Court hauled forced me to be shorter this article on the first part of it; for the exit of the search circle Size fashionable in such research, particularly the instructions published in scientific journals, and the intention is based on completed and published with the earliest opportunity to do so. Search has been named (antonym semantic in the poetry of Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Alwaily).The search here refers to the vocabulary that comes opposite, such as: (night and day), (good and evil), (wealth and poverty), (laughter and tears), (came and went), (morning and evening). And similar.We have included this group various purposes did not go away for the purpose in a column known as the traditional Arabic poem. Search does not want to sprawl in the description of the Board or as much as his reference to the Poetics of Waeli known to the reader, not by describing the prescribers. I read the group as part- part, then combination - combination, and then entered into the vocabulary to get out of them do meet with Preview, and I found Waeli rich in language inventories, single anneal when the image that he wants, and indicate that it is intended