The Imag of the Society in Islamic Literature Theory


AbstractOne of the basic concepts in the Islamic literature theory. Examining any social phenomena through its real position in the context of the social system sumjected to the devine rules controlling the movement of history and cultural development which is related to the rules of the universe. Combining those rules، the system of the universe is created which is coordinated in an unchangeable unit that designed since ever. From that، the balanced interpretation of human social life and its historical development، is originated. This should be kept in mind by the Islamic writers during his artistic production of any one of the social phenomena، whether positive or negative in analogy with the divine rules emerging from the heart of the human structure and the apparent and hidden relationships in the world in which Man lives. There is some balance between the mobile elements of the cultural history and the will of the society which is، in the framework of the thought، the basic step for the movement. With this comprehensive social imagination of the social life، the literary method of Islam demands the artistic product to adopt this comprehensive social imagination which traces all dimensions of human life. It is obvious that this method relates the comprehensive view to the social matters with the doctrinal view of our religion. It concentrates on the morale understanding of life seeing the individual and social life in a balanced way.This is a solid base in dealing with the Islamic writer of various social phenomena and designing the needed Islamic figure for the human society through concentrating on the right form of the Muslim's relation with his society enhancing the social relation among Muslims.