The Interion Emigration of the Saudian population in the saudian Arab Kingdom , according to 2004 census


AbstractIs the internal migration of important manifestation of the movement of people within the region and difficult to measure at the national level only if it includes census data on migrants and their places of origin and the dates of their arrival to the enumeration areas, and classified internal migration into different types such as migration from rural to urban migration between cities and the migration across the city any within the city itself, is no doubt that the impact of internal migration is important in the population structure and distribution, as well as its importance in terms of population growth within the administrative boundaries of the state.In this Research an attempt to monitor the movement of migration between the administrative units of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where they can formulate the main problem of the search by asking the following: Is there a difference in the movement of internal migration in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and what are the reasons and factors that explain the variance spatial according to 2004 census it is natural that derive many Sub-problems of the main problem. The justification Search the existence of statistical base large and provided the final results of General Census of Population 2004, as well as the importance of the geographical position of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and contrast in the spaces, and different economic importance and religious administrative units. It was not possible for the researcher found the study addressed the issue of internal migration to the Kingdom, according to census males above.