The Importance of witches and it’s meaning in the play of Makbith Shakespear


AbstractThrough reading 'Macbeth' by Shake spear , the researcher found some referential implication which refer to the openness of that text to multiple reading, the researcher could to discuss the role of the witches on referentially and what is aroused about the belongingness of their speeches to another writer, not to Shake spear ,are treated in the first section. The second section deals with the way by which functioning these characters was accomplished to produce a convincing image to the movement of the actors in the synopsis of the theatrical text.The third section shows the revealing of the impact of the writers imagination in illustrating the imaginative picture of the characters and the doings of each character serve the idea of the witches. The fourth section specifies the repetitions and their references in showing the general idea to end the research with what has revealed from conclusions