Improvement of the Performance of OCDMA By Using Error Correction Code


In this paper a new approach is proposed for enhancement of the datatransmission optical communication systems by applying CDMA technique based error detection and correction code. This paper includes the study and analysis of the different important variables for optical CDMA system, and focuses on increasing the system performance by selecting the optimum values for different variables to reduce the multiple access interference problems and also by applying error detection and correction code with selecting of the best polynomial. Thedetected and corrected code technique is more active because the selection of the optimum values from the variables network helps to decrease the interference sources and noise to lower value. The selection of optimum values helps in reducing the number of the added correct bits in the transmit code word consequence enhancement of the system performance because the channel is exploited to transmit the information. The results show enhancement in system performance when selecting optimum value of received power (2μ Watt), where the enhancement ratio is equal to (23%). Also this paper proves the use of error correction technique became very active with the optimum values of received power (2 μWatt), so the improvement ratio with applying ECC is equal to (22%).