Study the Effect of Ultra Violet Rays (UV) on Some Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Composites


Epoxy resin type (Ep-10) was used as a matrix for composite materials,with Glass fibers, aluminum powder and silica powder as reinforcement with volume fraction (Vf= 30%). Four types of composites were prepared:-(1) Epoxy reinforced with glass fiber and aluminum powder.(2) Epoxy reinforced with glass fiber and silica powder.(3) Epoxy reinforced with aluminum powder.(4) Epoxy reinforced with silica powder.Research subject was implied studying some of mechanical properties forcomposite materials that used in the research, in different weathering conditions including Ultraviolet Radiation (UV). Mechanical properties that be studied is: Young’s modulus (E), Impact Strength (I.S.), and Compressive Strength (C.S.). The results showed that the bestmechanical properties were for hybrid composites reinforced with fibers and particles (Ep+G.F.+Al) ,(Ep+G.F.+SiO2), such that, they have higher: Young’s modulus, Impact strength, and compressive strength in all weathering conditions