Lipid Peroxidation Product and Antioxidants in Human Primary and Secondary Different Bone Tumors


This research aimed to a novel study has been carried on lipid peroxidation activity ( LPO ) and antioxidant measurement such as, reduced glutathione concentration (GSH) and uric acid in sera of a healthy male and female control (n = 42) , primary benign bone tumor (Osteochondroma n =12 and Chondroblastoma n =10 ), primary malignant bone tumor (Ewing's sarcoma n =20 and Osteosarcoma n = 12) and secondary bone tumor (from breast cancer n = 20 and lung cancer n =13 ). In-patients with Ewing's sarcoma ,osteosarcoma and secondary bone tumor the lipid peroxidation level shows significant higher levels (p<0.005 ) with control, while glutathione concentration shows significant large decrease (p<0.005).This increase and decrease in this groups very large compared with benign bone tumor patients. A statistically difference in lipid peroxidation and glutathione was also found between osteochondroma, chondroblastoma and control (p < 0.05) .Serum uric acid in all patients also showed alterations in their levels but did not reach to the level of significant .Electrophoresis profile differences in serum protein bands were also observed, shows wide variety between normal and patients. These results may consider a biochemical marker to aid in the diagnosis.