Lost manuscripts in endowments of Mosul library (Statistical study documentaries)


WAKFS manuscripts were in the central province of Nineveh, of theft and neglect, as one of cultural institutions in the city and the task which contains the treasures of the heritage of the manuscript. Research dealing with the manuscripts that were lost from the library through a historical review of official documents, a researcher with the scientific and practical step for the inventory and study of manuscripts, and identify the missing ones, especially after exposure to theft and neglect by previous administrations, which did not deprive the years since the theft in 1995. Research to address the topic Mbgesin first a brief history of the emergence of Awqaf Public Library in Mosul. While guaranteeing the second topic: the lost manuscripts, and was documented historically and official documents, and the right research agenda includes a number of manuscripts lost in all the Treasury, as well as the right models of images and a number of official documents. The aim of this study to identify the lost manuscripts in the library endowments of Mosul, with a study of analytical and statistical and documentary to the reality of this process in the Library Endowment, and research in the history of the loss of manuscripts, and in fact reached by the manuscripts, also aims to identify the most important manuscripts that were lost, and the alarm and the reference to .