Simulation of Boiler Drum Wall Temperature Differential and its Estimation1


Abstract:This paper is concerned with the problem of boiler drum wall temperature estimation to limit thermal stresses. The boiler drum of AL-Mussiab thermal power station is taken as a case study. It deals with the fundamental issue that must be considered when applying a linear theory (i.e the Kalman filter) to practical non-linear problems. The Kalman filter is applied to estimate boiler drum wall temperature using the outer surface temperature of boiler drum wall (measurable) variable. The classical estimator (Kalman filter) is simple but it requires a good dynamic model to give reliable results. The numerical test results showed that the estimator is efficient and works well and it converges to the correct conditions (to within 1C) in time about half an hour from boiler heating start up. The estimator is robust where 100% error in initial conditions did not seriously influence the transient time to produce correct estimated output.Key words: Boiler drum wall modeling; Power station; Kalman filter application.