Ibn Batish Al Mawsili (died 655 A.H/ 1257 A.D) And his book Tbkat alfkha'a alshafa'iah


Ibn Batish Al Mawsili is considered one of the most prominent scientists in the 7 th Century A.H/13 th A.D. He was born and grew up in Mosul, Spending almost 47 years after he had studied there. He traveled to different Islamic cities like Baghdad, Aleppo and Damascus then he returned to Mosul. Ibn Batish was appointed a lecturer in Al Badriya school. He left Mosul for scientific and political reasons, travelling to Aleppo where he finally stayed there. He became a teacher and faqih in Aleppo, and he wrote some books in the different fields of knowledge. The first of these were in Hadith, fiqh. He died in Aleppo in (655A.H/1257A.D.). is considered one of Ibn Batish's significant books Tbkat alfkha'a alshafa'iah, It is one of the lost historical sources . It has been known by some of the historical sources, such as Tabakat Ashafe'a Akobra by Subki (died 771 A.H/ 1369