Food, industrial and drugs products from fish, shrimp and their wastes.


Too much attention is increasingly given to food stuff processing both locally and internationally due to the relation it has to achieve food security. Fish and shrimp as a wealth are characterized as being a permanent, constant and renewing resource if it is economically well exploited. Because of their importance, good taste, availability, adaptability and variation, fish and shrimp are consumed either directly as grill, roast or in soup or indirectly as canned, dried, salted, smoked, pickled (marinated) ….. etc. It is also consumed as new delicious products after mincing its meat and other products that have different names in different countries. The mass residue (waste) left of processing of fish and shrimp cheap of high quality are not exploited well and properly. Furthermore, these residues cause harmful pollution to the health and economy, which combine with the economic pressure, growth of population, lack of food especially animal protein in addition to factors related to getting the necessary foodstuff and fabricated materials and drugs (pharmaceuticals). Consequently, researchers and specialists of food affairs think of the best ways to exploit fish particularly it constitutes 50 % of the raw material (fish and shrimp).