Glutathione -S-transferase, Reduce Glutathione and Xanthine Oxidase Activities in Patient with Prostate Cancer


In the present study, the estimation of free radicals scavenger enzyme (antioxidant enzymes) such as glutathione-S-transferase (GST) and the reduce glutathione (GSH) activities, in sera with prostate cancer patients (n=25)and healthy control(n=23), were found a highly significant decreased in GSH (p < 0.005 ) and significant decreased GST (p<0.05).Also we determined the activity of xanthine oxidase (XO), and were found elevation and highly significant at(p<0.001) in xanthine oxidase . The correlation between GSH and GST also determined between control and prostate cancer patients, the result show weak positive correlation in comparison with control. Conventional-PAGE profile of crude serum control and prostate cancer for protein show no different between them.