The Association Of Migraine And Recurrent Epistaxis In Adults


Migraine is common incapacitating disorder with functional disability. We observed frequent complaints, or history of epistaxis in adults with migraine. The aim of this study was to determine whether there is an association between epistaxis and migraine in adults. A detailed questionnaire was used to conduct a study of 186 consecutive patients with migraine, diagnosed according to the 2004 proposed revisions to the International Headache Society criteria; the patients were evaluated in our Neurological Clinic. Control subjects consisted of 200 with non-recurrent headaches, matched as a group for age and sex. 22 (11.83%) of 186 patients with migraine had epistaxis as compared with 2(1%) of 200 control subjects (odds ratio =13.28 %). Out of 22 migraine patients 18 (81.82%) with epistaxis below 40 years old. The epistaxis was unilateral in 18 (81.82%) migraine patients, its recurred fallowing throbbing headache in 17 (77.27%) and in the same side of headache in 15 (68.18%) patients. The pain is relived repeatedly fallowing epistaxis in 13 (76.47%) of them and does not change in the others This study demonstrates a significant association between migraine and recurrent epistaxis in young adults, raising the question of whether epistaxis may represent a precursor and reliving factor of migraine.