The Impact of Cigarette Smoking on Levels of Sex Hormones and Zinc in Blood of Smokers


Smoking has multiple effects on sex hormone , some of which are associated with important clinical implication .The present study was undertaken to investigate the biochemical changes of sex hormones associated with long standing cigarette smoking in 40 heavy smokers comparing with non- smoker and to correlate it with BMI for each .The sex hormones levels were determined by RIA technique . Atomic absorption technique was used to measure the zinc levels.
The serum testosterone and estrogen levels of non – smoker group were 17.775ngml and 38.65ngml at p< 0.05, respectively .While the serum testosterone and estrogen levels of smoker group were 17.615ngml and 39.65ngml at p<0.05, respectively .The zinc levels of smokers and non- smokers group were 92 µg/dl and 105.5 µg/dl at p< 0.05, respectively. The BMI of smokers and non- smokers were 20.273 and 23.66 at p<0.01, respectively, which were highly significant.