Climate and its Relation with the Rise and Spread of Sunah Insect that affected the Wheat Corp


This research aims at throw lights on the relation between climate and the rise and spread of Sunah that affecting wheat production in AL- Najaf AL- Ashraf Government because of the nutritional and economic importance of wheat as the main food of population, the increase need for it due to the grading population which involve more efforts to improve production and quality . The rise and the spread of Sunah during the latest years in the study area affected negatively the crop`s quantity and quality in spite of the suitable natural circumstances and the potentialities of improving . This research presents , in its introduction , a definition of wheat , its strategic importance as an effecting factor in the international policies and its lack may affect seriously the nutritional security of any country ,its original land , the geographic distribution of production according to the agricultural units during the agricultural season ( 2009 / 2010 )and studying the relation between the study area characteristics and the sunah insect spreading . The insect life cycle have been studied as well as the type of the relation between climate and rise by using the multi correlation coefficient and the scientific analysis of its rise .Finally , the research studies the economic effects resulted from the insect spreading . The research concluding a set of conclusions such as 1-The low contribute of Najf in producing wheat in Iraq as well as the low land productivity due to the affect by Sunah .2-The climatic circumstances in the study area are suitable for the rise and spread of Sunah .3- The human factor has an effect on increase the negative effects of sunah due to the ignorance of its dangers and the unserious efforts in compacting it . All that is followed by the resources .