Physiological study of the effect spraying with seaweed extracts and addition methods of active dry yeast on vegetative and flowering growth of Cumin plant (Cuminum cyminum L.)


An experiment was conducted during winter season of 2010/2011 in Lath house belong to Hort. and Landscape Design Dept., Coll. of Agric., Basrah Univ. to evaluate the effect of spraying with seaweed and active dry yeast extracts on the vegetative and flowering growth of Cumin plant (Cuminum cyminum L. (var. Syrian local. The experiment was focussed on the effect of two factors spraying with or without seaweed extract and four methods of spraying with active dry yeast extracts on( leaves, soil, leaves and soil and spraying with distilled water). Randomized Complete Block Design was used with three replicates, L. S. D. Test was used at probability of 5%. Results showed that spraying with seaweed extract gave a significant increases in plant height, leaves number/plant, number inflorescences /plant , floret number/umbel, reducing fresh vegetative weight, days number for inflorescence appearance, days number for its opening and for fruit set and Caratenoids content in leaves. Leave and soil spraying with active dry yeast extracts significantly increased plant height, leaves number/plant, plant height, lateral branches number /plant, floret number/umbel, leave content of chlorophyll and carotenes reducing days number for inflorescences, days number for its opening, while soil spraying significantly increased vegetative dry weight, spraying with distilled water significantly increased fresh vegetative weight and leave spraying significantly reducing days number for fruit set and increasing leave content of carbohydrate. The interaction between the two factors caused significant effect in all studied parameters.