Machine Translation of Arabic Verb Sentences into English


Arabic is one of the most complex languages as it has characteristics that set it apart offother languages . These characteristics have been a rich resource of study for researchersin the field of Arabic , computational linquistics . This research is considered one of thesource as it is expected to play a significant role in the study of Arabic , computationallinquistics .Text translation especially instant translation is regarded one of the demands of thepresent time imposed by the technology of information exchange through the internet andits necessity in the media and conferences.The research focuses on the design of model for a machine translation from Arabic toEnglish which translates some Arabic verbal sentences of different orders . The proposedmodel consists of three main parts which one analysis , dictionary , and generation .The analysis part performs all the processes related to the clauses entered and theiranalysis in away that guarantees obtaining their vocabulary items . In the dictionarypart , used and modified by adding English vocabulary items for the meanings of verbsand their contexts in a way that assures obtaining their right references . Final , thegeneration part consists of a group of processes that organized the target sentences in thelanguage of translation depending on the grammatical strucure that results from thesource sentence.The research also includes the use of semantic theories and methologies for the verbalArabic sentences in an attempt to prove the competence of these theories andmethodologies in describing the Arabic sentence semantically and according to context .