Association of ABO and Rh Blood Groups with Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension in Basrah City


The aim of the study was to investigate the relationship between ABO and Rh blood groups with diabetes mellitus and hypertension. The study was including 2890 subjects (1496 males and 1394 females). 2480 healthy subjects (1356 males and 1124 females). 259 subjects had diabetes mellitus (95 males and 164 females), and 151 subjects had hypertension (45 males and 106 females). The study includes distribution of blood groups; 25.6% were blood group A, 26.57% were blood group B, 8.5% were blood group AB and 39.31% group O. The frequency of Rh-negative blood was 8.54% and Rh-positive 91.45%. There was a significant difference between healthy subjects and diabetic patients in B and Rh-positive blood groups.Regarding the healthy and hypertensive subjects there were significant difference in B and Rh-positive blood groups, also there was a significant difference in O+ blood group. There was a significant difference between healthy male subjects and hypertensive male patients in B- blood group