Tx/Rx: Generation and Correlation of aCostas Array FM CodeUsing FPGA Spatran-3 Technology


This paper describes a real time generation and correlation of Costas array FM codepulse compression using Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) for implementation,which provides the flexibility, reconfigure ability and reprogram ability. Thisimplementation contains two parts, the first Part, to generate. Number of frequencysequences, which can use as Costas, where, this part was built in transmitter side. Thesecond part of implementation contains three stages in the receiver side; rangedetermination, correlation and Doppler measurement to the replica of Tx-signal. Thetested work was taken for eight digits and two cases of frequency shift (1&2) with aneight time shift for each one. This implementation was built by using VHDL editor forSpartan-3 with IC XC3S200. The clock is 20nsec and can use less than that time.