Concurrency Action in Construct Composition Form & Meaning


The built form distinguishes of the composition in concurrent form and meaning,but constructs it to convey the concept. While producing the meaning of the union ofsequential and concurrential development of the building to access the mental image ofan objective reality which concurrent form to it is meaning. From that, the researchproblem was identified .it dealt with the presence of a causal relationship in thebuilding form to meaning, and the existence of a relationship contract in build meaningto its form.While the research aims to reach the form of outcome arising by event. And investthe relationships in concurrent of build compositions which concurrent form andmeaning.To solve the problem. The search depends on methodology in: Synchronize of formand meaning, the relationship of agreement and difference, the visible and the inherentto build the composition. It depends on determining two levels: the first dealt with themeaning through functional meeting in invisible image Compositions to give theContent Validity. And second level dealt with the form through formal Inherent inInherent morphological Compositions to give the Discrimination Validity. To resultfrom them giving the Construct Validity.Finally, research found that: validity synchronization and configuration of meaningand form, and the possibility of achieving the composition through the mechanism ofinterpretation and interpretation in the formal inherent and functional meeting. Andthus unite the reference source and source (place and time) in one space.Through twoaffairs. Prior and dimensional between formal compositions and Flat and threedimensional.and from that relations. The creative outputs related with one's time in thereference to the achievement of the underlying forces in the three-dimensional shape,and place in check the fixed forces in the flat form.