Chlorine Removal with Activated Carbon Using Bubble Column


Bubble column slurry reactor was used for the measurements of gas adsorptionand ion-exchange in this work. Adsorption of chorine (dissolved in water) onactivated carbon was carried out in the same reactor. The effect of gas flowrates uG0.016 m s–1-0.027 m s–1 which covers the boundaries of the following four regimes:bubbly flow, first transition, second transition, and coalesced bubble and solidconcentrations were investigated. In addition of studying the pH which gives anindication for Hypochlorous Acid HOCl, the most active sanitizer form of FreeChlorine. These design guidelines provide a good starting point for system ofremoving chlorine from water at activated carbon concentration 20 gm/L, gasvelocity 0.023 m/s and contact period of time more 17 minutes.