Diffusion of Salt Water and Alkaline Solutions in Polyester Reinforced by Glass Fibers


The solubility and kinetics of moisture transport mechanisms in type of resin andfibers have been investigated the physical tests group comprised the determination ofdiffusion coefficient (D) of (0.3 salt water), (0.5 NaOH), (0.5 KOH). The study hasbeen oriented to investigate a theme that has a crucial interest in most industrialapplications, also the effect of (Salt water, NaOH, KOH) on the composites. Thecomposite plate contains two type of fibers, the first type: polyester-woven fiber andthe second type: polyester–(random+woven) fibers. The result shows the solutionwould be absorbed in the first type more than that in second type. Because of thefiber/matrix interface plays the role of a channel for a solution to penetrate into thecomposite; this penetration normally starts at cut edges. This type of channels found inthe composites, , while alkaline solutions has effect on the composites. Salt water andNaOH, in composites are more than their identical in KOH, Since polyester has highresistance to alkine as. The diffusivity coefficient of saltwater in UP s is larger thanthat of NaOH and KOH