Influence of Skewed Anisotropy upon Exit Gradients


The generalization of DARCY’s law in 2.diemnsions has led to equations whichdescribe permeability of the soil as a symmetric tensor of second rank (1, 2). In seepageproblems it is common to define the GLOBAL coordinate axis to coincide with theprincipal directions of the permeability tensor, therefore, the cross product (off –diagonal) components (Kxy , Kyx) of the permeability tensor will be zero. It is thereforethe purpose of this research to show the influence of the off- diagonal terms of thepermeability tensor on the determined exit gradients behind a vertical sheet pileembedded in an anisotropic homogenous soil of finite depth. Also of interest is thederivation of an equation for the determination of exit gradients obtained from coordinatetransformations of composite function.