A Study of the Spectral Properties of Rhodamine (6G&B) DyesMixture Dissolved in Chloroform


The spectral properties (absorption and fluorescence) of laser dyes (R6G& R B)mixture have been studied; this type of laser dye belongs to the Xanthenes family,and has been dissolved in chloroform to prepare (1*10-5, 2*10-5, 5*10-5, 7*10-5, 1*10-4M) at room temperature.The achieved results pointed out to an increase in the absorption and fluorescenceintensities with the increased concentration which are found in agreement with Beer –Lambert law. These results have been also showed an expansion in the spectral rangeof absorption and fluorescence with a noticed shift in the direction of longerwavelength.The quantum efficiency of the dissolved Rhodamine mixture in chloroform hasbeen calculated by using the same above concentration (96%, 91%, 80%, 71%, and66%) respectively. The radiative life time ( 0.21 , 0.41,0.89,1.19 and 1.48 ) ns andfluorescent life time (0.20 , 0.37,0.71,0.84, and 0.97 ) ns respectively .It has been determined that the resulting overlap between the absorption spectrum andfluorescence spectrum for(R 6G&RB) mixture is more than that shown for the everydye alone solution, therefore stock shift will be more.