Optimum Cincentration of DNA Extracted from Human Peripheral Blood


Objective: our study was to establish a simple, fast and inexpensive method for DNA extraction from human peripheral blood using commercial Laundry detergent (Bonux) from local markets.Patients & Methods: Four concentrations of laundry detergent (Bonux) (10,20,30 and 40% w/v) were evaluated for obtaining the optimum concentration of DNA extraction from human peripheral blood.Results: The results revealed that DNA purity of blood sample represented by OD260/280 ratio for 10% concentration of laundry detergent was 1.428±0.048, while the best concentration of laundry detergent was 30% with DNA purity measured in human blood by OD 260/280 ratio (1.843±0.064), while in proteinase k was 1.769 .Conclusion: we concluded that the commercial laundry detergent powder contain a mixture of detergents, enzymes, chelating complexes, these materials assist in isolation of high molecular weight DNA from human blood. The detergent can be used in the modified procedure instead of proteinase K with 30% concentration of the laundry detergent (Bonux) which is not harmful, available and economical in use.