Study of Therapeutic Patterns of Anti- Hypertensive Drugs for Elderly in Al- Ramadi City


Objectives: Is to study the prescribing patterns of anthihypertensive drugs in elderly patients.Patients and Methods: 420 elderly hypertensive patients were studied in the out patient clinic of Al- Ramadi general hospital from November 2003- June2004. Age, Sex, and types of antihypertensive drugs they use were recorded, classified and the percentage of each drug was calculated.Results: Total number of patients was 420, with a mean age of 71±5.2 Ys. 200 patients were on monotherapy, 220 patients were on more than one drug. The commonest antihypertensive drug group prescribed was angiotensine converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors (31%), than diuretics (24%) then β-blockers (21%) while calcium channels blockers (CCBs) (17%) and (7%) for other groups. The commonest combination therapy was ACE inhibitors and diuretics (31% of the combined prescriptions).Conclusion: Our prescribing patterns do not confirm to the regimens published in the most recent medical articles and recommendations. We have to emphasize the use of diuretics as first line treatment for elderly hypertensive patients while other groups as second line treatment