Factors affecting the required power in Nd: YAG laser Posterior capsulotomy after cataract surgery


Background: thinking of posterior capsule after cataract surgery is a commonproblem affecting vision, Nd:YAG poster capslotomy is the main treatment.Objectives: to determent the factors affecting the required power of Nd: YAGcapsulotomy to open the opacified of posterior capsule.Methods: In this study 67 patients were exposure of Nd:YAG laser from (Nidek yc1600 model) laser device, which start with power of 1mj. The duration of this studylast for 10 months.Results: The results showed inverse proportion between the power used and the ageof the patients, this results were similar in patients with hypertension and diabetesmellitus. The dose of Nd:YAG laser has a wide variety relative to the duration aftercataract surgery.Conclusions: the most effective factor in the power of Nd:YAG capsulotomy is theage increase relasionship.Keywords: Nd:YAG laser, thick posterior, and posterior capsulotomy.